“What’s My Car’s Value and …My House Please? “

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Gaithersburg Kentlands

Maryland MLS Homes For Sale

"What's My Car's Value and …My House Please? "

 Q: Any recommendations for the best website to look for sold homes in order to pull comps for ourselves?

 Question asked and answered on DCUrbanmom.com
A: You know car companies have this done correctly!
If you have a 2012 Honda Accord for sale, they will tell you what an average car with average miles costs?…and that is just the beginning of an estimated value…
Then they ask questions to adjust this value..
How many miles?
Any accidents?
Any premium wheels? 
size of engine?
Automatic or manual?
Accessory packages? 
Any Extras? CD Player, leather seats…etc
They even ask for your area…zip code, for a more accurate report
What about houses? 
They ask you for your address…
Here's your value!


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