The New Construction Boom in Montgomery County MD May Stop You From Selling Your Home

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The New Construction Boom in

Montgomery County Maryland 

Could Stop Your Selling Plans. . 

New ConstructionIf you are planning on selling your home IN 2015-2016, now may be the “BEST”time to act. 

Demand is high, across the country and supply is low. Many homeowners are experiencing and benefiting from an almost auction atmosphere with several buyers fighting for some houses located in key hot real estate market areas, buying these homes  in a  multi-bid environment. 

Montgomery County Maryland is no exception to this current housing environment. Higher prices, interest rates at historic lows and lenders being less stringent contingencies are making it easier for the seller and harder for the buyers to find a suitable home that fits their needs. 

. . .and another reason to sell right now!

More competition is about to hit the market in the form of newly  constructed homes. This may put an end to the buyers’ frenzy over the limited inventory of  existing homes which has been below normal levels for over a year. According to the latest report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the forecast for new housing starts and sales will increase significantly over the next two years:

NAR is forecasting 1.1 million new housing starts in 2015, jumping to 1.4 million in 2016.

New home sales are projected to increase from the 437,000 in 2014 to 570,000 this year and 

720,000 in 2016.

The first step you should take if you are thinking on selling soon. . 

Determine how much your house is worth in today’s market.

The most reliable method of doing this is by contacting a professional Real Estate Agent that specializes in selling homes. 

The least reliable methods is to use the Internet and a program generated value that does not take in consideration many factors and portrays all houses as being the same. 

Making a decision to sell a home is very important, you should do this based on actual reliable facts. 

I woudl like to assist you in making the right decision by going our selling homes page

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Tips To Sell a Home:


By choosing a careful demographic selection of the most likely buyer for the house you are trying to sell, you will have the best success if you apply a Target Direct Marketing Campaign using Facebook.

While there is no magic pill to find the right buyer for your house,  with a little luck and a solid plan, you can help refine your approach and get more out of your marketing dollars.

selling homes

Defining Your Target Market

This is probably the most critical aspect and decision you must make if you want your plan to work.

What criteria should you use when defining the right buyer for your house? 

I always like using geographic, economic and social criteria to narrow down that potential buyer for the house. This is an area where marketing dollars are spent wisely and directly vs a broad push to the public, via traditional campaigns …where 99% of them does not display any interest or have any direct appeal for the house I’m selling.

“Defining a target market can be a key to success for those who sell a property right away versus a listing that sits stale waiting for someone to finally notice it.”

You can become aggressive and  do this yourself if you are selling on your own,

or find a good Realtor® that has the right marketing plan to do it for you

This is how:


Target marketing a house to sell requires planning, patience and being strategic on your approach.

 house sale expired solution

Ready To sell your house? Take the first step here


original article: http://www.reallynicehomes.com/blog/tips-sell-home-target-marketing-facebook/

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How To Sell a House With A Tenant – Can I Sell a House if I Have Renters in Gaithersburg?

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How To Sell a House With A Tenant 

Can I Sell a House if I Have Renters?


The first piece of advice many Realtors may give homeowners who want to sell their home while a tenant is in residence is short and to the point: DON’T DO IT!

Understandable so when you consider the tremendous exposure to liability and the prospects of selling a house at the lowest possible value because of an unruly tenant.

If the tenant has a lease in place, they cannot be evicted before the end of their term. You have to sell the house with a lease and the new buyers takes possession of the house including the lease that was originally signed and agreed by the prior homeowner. The lease is part of the house and you sell it with all it’s conditions. .

If you must sell your house, you need the assistnce of a good Realtor that will help you by being proactive and honest with your tenant, perhaps there is a way you can find a resolution that will be acceptable to your tenants. They must be cooperative or I can assure you that you may end up losing  money during the sale.

house sale expired solution

A good  Realtor should work with your  tenants. They have to be  very persuasive and amicable with them. Find a resolution to get their help. They should be able to convert them as an advocate to help you sell the house.

How critical is hiring the right agent to represent you when you sell a home with a tenant?

Watch this video for the answer. .


A good Realtor brings the landlords and tenants together to understand the rules and the conditions of the lease. . while a home is being sold successfully!


For more information How To Sell A House with a Tenant“?  GO TO: 



Original article : How To Sell a House With Tenants

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HELP My House is Not Selling in Gaithersburg – Home Not Selling Forum

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HELP My House is Not Selling

What To Do When Your House Don’t Sell

Here’s a list of important facts we gather from homes that did not sell.

House Expired?

Home Not Selling FORUM

Q & A

What to Do When Your House Doesn’t Sell? 

  • Q: “Should I drop my price and re-list it with my agent once again? A :Often the reason a home doesn’t sell is because it wasn’t properly positioned to attract to the maximum number of buyers. Your house needs to be in “POSITION TO SELL”. So what is the solution? I understand your past agent may be a good agent, but should you considered allowing someone to give you a second opinion on the marketing of your home?  What would your agent do different the second time around?  (see answer “Home Not Selling Forum”)
  • Q: “We had several showings, but not one offer. What are we doing wrong? A:There’s many reason for this. One of them could be that you as a seller like to follow potential buyers around the house to tell them everything that’s great about your place. Don’t be a HOME SELLER KILLER! that’s what your agent is supposed to do for you. All communications should be between your agent and the buyers.  It can also be your price, then you are helping your competition sell their homes instead of selling yours. Is your house cluttered full of stuff, vacation pictures and mug collections? Is your house clean? How is your curb appeal? Is the Internet description of your house matching the actual condition of the house?(see answer “Home Not Selling Forum”)
  • Q:”Should I take it off the market, remodel my kitchen with granite counters and put it back for sale?  A:  It depends, Your best bet is to figure out where you stand by taking stock of your home, what needs repairs, what’s the current market, and nearby sales activity. The answers to this will give you a clearer answer if you should repair your house or not. Is all about the return on investment. (ROI) If you spend $5000 for a new kitchen, can you sell your house for $10,000 more? Are nearby sales supportive in raising your price $10,000 more? You need guidance and a complete assessment before you spend $20,000 to only sell it for $10,000 more.(see answer “Home Not Selling Forum”)

House Expired?


home not selling forum


original article here: Help My House is Not Selling 

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House Not Selling Options : What To Do When Your House Don’t Sell in Gaithersburg

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House Not Selling  Options :

What To Do When Your House Don't Sell

Here's a list of important facts we gather from homes that did not sell.

House Expired?

Q & A

What to Do When Your House Doesn't Sell? 

  • Q: "My agent did not do enough open houses" A: Houses that are sold during an open house is a very rare event indeed. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently said that only 11% of homes are sold during an open house. What are the chances, you wake up a Sunday morning and you are lured by an open house sign and later you're signed up to buy a house?  Buyers plan months ahead before qualifying and getting ready to buy a home. During this time, they have touched at least a dozen Realtors that will be more than willing to show them any house in the market, every day of the week! Open houses attract other sellers and future (6 months) buyers for your agent. 
  • Q: "My agent kept me on the dark, with no communication or feedback!"A: This is bad. I heard agents refusing to answer their phone, hiding from their selling clients, no where to be found. The only reason I see is that they did not have a clue why the listing was not selling? Feedback is important when you are selling anything. Adjusting the presentation of the product is priority #1 for a listing. As a matter fact, on the contrary, when one of my listings is not selling, that's when I speak to my clients more often. 
  • Q:"I don't think my agent was doing enough advertising to sell my house"A: The most important component to advertising a home for sale is really the asking price! If you are "NOT" within the market suggested price range, bikini girls dancing on your front yard will not sell your house.  In reality, our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the source where all the advertising is stimulated from. Any home listed in the MLS is syndicated across the web to literally thousands of websites, all done automatically. Is in this "extra" advertisement what separates selling agents from listing agents with expired listings.. .and that "extra" advertisment could be the difference your home gets sold or not!

House Expired?


home not selling forum


original article here: House Not Selling Options

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