“OMG Mortgages Interest Rates Are Almost 4%! “

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“OMG Mortgages Interest Rates Are Almost 4%! “

(original article) 


A lot of people may not remember life during President Jimmy Carter years. .I know I do.

It was the late 70′s

Interest rates were in some cases as high as 20% 

Unemployment was rampant and so was gas shortages all around the nation. 

You had to get in line to put gas in your car…and sometimes gas stations had empty tanks.

Now is 2016 

and I heard the first complain of 2016 from a customer that just signed up to our website, 

“OMG Mortgages Interest Rates Are Almost 4%! “

My customer was right, 

Mortgage interest rates, as reported by Freddie Mac, have increased over the last several weeks.

Following suite,  Fannie Mae, the Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors are all calling for mortgage rates to continue to rise over the next four quarters.

This has caused some home buyers  to reflect to this fact

The days of 3% Mortgage Rates are over.. and they ask themselves this question?

Should I go ahead and buy a house in 2016? 

My first thought was:

“c’mon man! , you should realize that current rates are still at historic lows”

Do you want to see the proof?

Here is a chart showing the average mortgage interest rate over the last several decades.

If you are thinking on buying a home in 2016 

Be happy that the interest rates are still  around 4% 

It could be the 70′s all over again…

{insert imaginary music “Stayin’Alive here now}



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Misleading News About the Fall of Housing in November 2015

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“US Existing Homes Sales

Plunge in November 2015″…NOT!

(Original article here: http://www.reallynicehomes.com/blog/misleading-news-about-fall-housing-november-2015/)

Misleading news seems to be the fallacy of today’s news environment. Every major news organization are set to bring drama and bad news for ratings and they have plenty of it..

This week it wast reported,

The US existing Home Sales has plunged over 10%!

Reporting particularly dramatic events are taken to outweigh a significant amount of statistical evidence…

The evidence is very clear, 

The reason why HOME SALES PLUNGED over 10% in November 2015 is very simple:

A new government regulation was just implemented in October 3rd

This is the new “Know Before You Owe” mortgage rule, commonly known as the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule. 

These new regulations put a HALT STOP to many transactions in November.. 

Everyone was trying to figure it out how to comply with it..

This is why many transactions where delayed..

See Chart below (courtesy of KCM) 

November’s rise in numbers indicates exactly the time when this new regulation was implemented

The 3 day difference between October and November is EXACTLY 10% on one month’s numbers..10% of transactions were delayed in November…DUH!

So, what is the true market indicator out there..

Without the drama most  news organizations seem to invent for better ratings..

Let’s see how is the housing market actually doing right now…

The best indicator to forecast and look at how well the housing market is doing is to look at the “Foot Traffic Report” from NAR (National Association of Realtors) 

This report indicates the number of prospective buyers that are actively looking for a home at the current time;

So let’s check what this report says in one single glance..(courtesy of KCM) 

It is very obvious..

That demand to buy single family homes is increasing over the last few months – not decreasing.

So if you are planning to sell a house soon, don’t panic, no matter what last month’s sales numbers show, the housing market is still doing well as demand remains strong.

…and if you are thinking to buy soon,

sooner is better than later for these two reasons alone: 

  • Interest rates are creeping up
  • Less competition in the Winter months


Whether you are ready to sell or buy, 

Give us a call, we have the “pulse of the market:, 

so you can make the RIGHT MOVE!

301-246-0001 for immediate help







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“The Neighbor From Hell” . . Welcome to the Neighborhood!

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Maryland MLS Homes For Sale

"The Neighbor From Hell"

Q: I just arrived in DC yesterday. Before my movers were scheduled to come I had a guy come out to give me an estimate on putting a fence in front of the rowhouse I just bought. I haven't even met my neighbors yet. And the next thing I know my neighbor if raising his voice at me telling me that "we are going to have a problem" if I put up a fence and we are going to be getting off on the wrong foot. Never mind the fact that I had literally met this man ten seconds prior to this. I went in the house and listened to the fence guy and honestly won't do the fence because it is way more expensive than I anticipated. But I don't want to make this guy think that he won. He kept on going on about how the neighborhood used to be a certain way and there is his mom has been there fifty years and he grew up in this house and no one else on the block has fences. 
I am really at a loss. I have read over and over how you should be mindful of older residents and try to be accommodating, but I literally don't know what to do when I get accosted about something I'm only thinking about doing only 24 hours after moving in. 
I'm thinking about putting a fence up for spite. 
What would you guys do?

Question asked and answered on DCUrbanmom.co

A: Definitely don't do anything just for spite.
The moment you do that..
you lose
your honor
your principles.. .

Pretend this person is crazy and deranged …which most likely he is.
Pretend he is a child living inside an adult body
I would ignore him and simply go on living with purpose. . .

Many years ago, I  sold a house before when the neighbor refused to help us tidy his yard…
he was yelling at my clients from his front yard, deranged and all crazy
 ..cussing them for daring in asking  him to cut his grass.

There was no HOA on the neighborhood and neighbors in general kept their yard tidy and neat..

Except this neighbor from hell.
The bully of the neighborhood

He was definitely making my listing look bad…
Potential buyers were driven away. . who wants to live next to foot high grass with trash littered all around?

"Most real estate experts all agree that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to consider when selling your home. 
When selling, it's the appearance from the street that determines if the buyer never gets out from their car or not "

In this case…buyers and Realtors were not even getting out from their cars!




Send the Tiger of Real Estate a question:

If it make is to our website, you will receive a $10 Starbucks coffee compliments from the tiger….

info@ReallyNiceHomes Subject: Tiger of real estate question



 More tiger questions….HERE

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Relocation Information for Clarksburg Maryland | Report

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Gaithersburg Kentlands, Kentlands Ridge

Clarksburg Maryland Relocation Information 20871 

(Typical Clarksburg Maryland street in the fall (2014)


As construction continues in Clarksburg  Maryland neighborhoods, its not a surprise that demand is still up for young professional families that need a family oriented community where their kids are a priority and the environment where they live.

Clarksburg Maryland is such a place. Less than one hour north of Washington DC, you will find rows upon rows of traditional American and neo-traditional style homes in many neighborhoods with the same theme: Family

Many of the houses are showcased with meticulously manicured lawns surrounded by white picket fences and miles and miles  of sidewalks adorned by beautiful seasoned tress that highlights the quality of living being shared among the neighbors in this beautiful part of Montgomery County Maryland

The Neighborhoods:

Clarksburg Maryland is home to around 20,000 people many of which live in and around these main neighborhoods:

The Builders: 

Ryan Homes, Beazer Homes, Winchester Homes, Craftmark Homes are  among the most active builders that  keep developing what Clarksburg is today.


So many things to see and places to go. The Washington Metro Area has always a full schedule of things to do around DC. Anything from hiking trails to a trip to a local market, from horse back riding to  visiting a winery at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain. You will find everything you will ever need when you move to Clarksburg MD. 


Montgomery County Maryland  is home to many excellent restaurants, which is easy to spot with a drive on I-270 and stops at any exit. Anywhere Germantown to Bethesda and beyond, you will find an array of  culinary delights.  you can think of, can be found here. We cover a number of them to help you get started.
A little closer for Clarksburg residents, you will find Bennigan’s an Irish themed restaurant, GrillMarX Steakhouse and Raw Bar, Pizza and several others just a short distance away.

Explore Milestone Shopping Center by climbing aboard my Hummer here


Harris Teeter grocery store is in the center of Clarksburg Village and a resident’s favorite. A short 5 minute drive and you will find yourself in Milestone where you will have a plethora of stores and restaurants to choose from,They are all conveniently located at the corner of 355 and Ridge Rd. Costco is a short 10 minute drive. 


In general, prices for housing in Clarksburg Maryland average a little higher that its neighbor cities like Germantown and Damascus. 
as of Dec 2014 If you were looking to rent on Clarksburg, expect to pay as low as $1600 per month for a small condo, between $1800 to $2800 for a townhouse…and as high as $3500 to $4000 for a single family home.
If you are buying, prices start in the mid 30′s and as high as one million dollars for a customized top of the line home. An average single family home will cost you between $500,000 to $800,000
Townhouses start at $300,000 plus


Clarksburg High is the High School on Clarksburg Maryland 
Little Bennet and Clarksburg Elementary are Elementary Schools 
For middle school is Rocky Hill 

A Typical Drive in Clarksburg Streets

For homeowners who want to live surrounded by a natural environment adorned by rows of inviting tree lined streets..then Clarksburg MD should be your home.

Watch the video below  and take a ride around Clarksburg:


There are still many roads flanked by sprawling fields, farms, and pastures around Montgomery County. You can still enjoy that country atmosphere and still be under a  45 minutes drive to the White House.

A Typical Home in Clarksburg MD:

At the time of this video, this property was listed by our company Maxus Realty Group FOR RENT 
The price? $3000 per month in Clarksburg Village


At the time of this video, this property was listed by our company Maxus Realty Group FOR SALE 
The price? $699,000 per month

If you are considering selling, buying or renting a home in Clarksburg Maryland
Please contact us for superior local service.

Maxus Realty Group 301-246-0001 


We know The Clarksburg Maryland!
Important Links for Clarksburg MD:

Clarksburg Maryland Relocation Information 20871 


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22543 WINDING WOODS WAY, CLARKSBURG, MD 20871 Nearby Homes For Sale

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Gaithersburg Kentlands


A Really Nice Home For Sale 

Large, sophisticated and casual
 Featuring  upgraded appliances, morning room, luxury baths, luxury kitchen  and many more extras.. 

Majestic Ceilings…..

Separate Dining Room…

Deck with a View. . wooded lot!
CALL 301-246-0001 For More Information
Maxus Realty Group is a full service Maryland real estate company operating in Clarksburg Maryland. Our team is dedicated to providing you with assistance in any aspect of real estate within Maryland DC and Northern Virginia areas. IncludingClarksburg Maryland  Montgomery County,Frederick County , PG County, Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria,  Fairfax and Loudon County
Let us know if you would like to see this beautiful Home..

Fernando Herboso



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Gaithersburg Montgomery County Maryland Real Estate

Author: Fernando Herboso / Category: Gaithersburg Kentlands, Kentlands Ridge

Gaithersburg MD

Montgomery County Maryland Real Estate 

Gaithersburg  Maryland real estate market has seen many  changes in the past few years.
New construction is booming around RIO across The Washingtonian Tower.  
A new project started just a few months ago is beginning to change the configuration of Gaithersburg.  

The Crown is a new community that once completed will feature more than 2,200 residential units and 260,000 square feet of retail space.

At the heart of Montgomery County lies the beautiful varied city of Gaithersburg. Separated by I-270 into east and west sections, Gaithersburg is unique in having both an older historic district that is similar to most large suburbs in the United States and also a much more modern kind of city planning that really makes Gaithersburg stand out.

“If you are thinking in relocating to the CROWN. .  

“We are ready to  give you INDEPENDENT advice that could save thousands of dollars when purchasing your new home in the Crown of Gaithersburg, see our video below”

Although  we are still inside a recovery market, real estate analytics  and accurate reports are needed more than ever to make informed decisions about your next  real estate.  
Understanding what’s going on in our local real estate markets is crucial to Montgomery County residents that are planning a major move soon. .

Montgomery County MD Real Estate

Check out the video below about the newest community in Gaithersburg MD

We’ve seen a marked improvement in the Montgomery County Maryland housing market.
Considering a distressed market shrinking considerable in the past 12 months , there is a renewed optimism about our local  economy in general.

If you need direction and explanation of our current real estate market, contact us at 301-246-0001
Let us provide you with the latest numbers!

Latest Listings in Gaithersburg MD

310 WINTER WALK DRIVE, Gaithersburg MD 20878

310 WINTER WALK DRIVE, Gaithersburg

Exquisite corner lot w/4 bedroom 3.5 ba!!former model home*gourmet kitchen w/42in. Cabinets and corian counters,island w/ gas cook top, 3 sided gas fire place,columns,hug…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 4.0
  • MLS MC8212154
15 AUTUMN HILL WAY, Gaithersburg MD 20877

15 AUTUMN HILL WAY, Gaithersburg

Newly renovated TH with dramatic 2 story living room & open layout. Brand new hardwood floor & ceramic tiles throughout. Updated kitchen w/table space,granite counter,m…
  • Beds 3
  • Baths 4.0
  • MLS MC8212108
19708 MIDAS COURT, Gaithersburg MD 20879

19708 MIDAS COURT, Gaithersburg

Open House Sunday 10/27/2013 1-4pm Please submit your offer by 4pm 10/30/13. Please include copy of EMD, lender letter or proof of fund. Ready to move in single family…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 4.0
  • MLS MC8212071

5030 BROOKEVILLE ROAD, Gaithersburg

Regular sale.
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 1.0
  • MLS MC8211951
7508 MATTINGLY LANE, Gaithersburg MD 20879

7508 MATTINGLY LANE, Gaithersburg

GREAT VICTORIAN STYLE HOME, GREAT LOCATION!!!!!! Close to Shopping Malls, Schools, Main Roads, Just 10 minutes from the Shady Grove Metro>>>So Bright Gorgeous house, Larg…
  • Beds 4
  • Baths 4.0
  • MLS MC8211905

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Real Estate Data from RBI (Real Estate Intelligence)  

Gaithersburg MD

Montgomery County Maryland Real Estate 

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